I love Courtney, I love Kristy, & I love Kingsley.

Courtney is fucking SMART. Being in the medical field, contrary to popular belief, DOES give her a right to give her opinion on parenting options. Don’t you think she’s giving you his advice so shit doesn’t happen to your children like the shit she’s seen? Idk. Just my personal opinion. If a medical professional or something of that sort told me that what I do is potential harmful to my child, ism be like “well fuck me with a chainsaw I’m gonna have to look into if that’s true” and do my own dam research so I don’t cause my child harm. But again, that’s just me.

And Kristy has the kindest heart of anyone. I love her and she’s going to be a great mom to Kingsley. She has a great head on her shoulders.

So all you haters can shut it. ♥

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